Free – Hating the Rock Star

Free - Hating the Rock Star

Free - Hating the Rock Star

Genre: Adventure, FREE!, Mystery, New Adult & College, Suspense, Thriller

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I hate the rock star, but he’ll make me learn to love him…

Joss Myers is a gorgeous rock star jerk and my celebrity crush. I never thought he’d notice me, not in a million years.

Let alone marry me in a stupid Las Vegas mistake.

I thought I wanted him, at least until I became his wife.

Now I know I hate him.

He’s arrogant, conceited, self-centered, and a million other not-so-nice things. He’s refusing to make this sham-marriage easy for me, and he thinks it’s funny to watch me squirm.

If I want an annulment, I have to go on tour with him. He wants to keep me in his room like a trophy, ready and waiting for his every desire.

Screw that. I’m not going to be that bastard’s plaything, even if the thought sends shivers down my spine...

He keeps putting his hands on my hips, his lips against my throat, his words in my ear: You’re the rock star’s wife now, sweetheart, better get used to it.

But there’s more to this situation than I realized. The band is teetering on the brink of breaking apart, and Joss doesn’t seem to care.

All he wants is my body, and I’m afraid that if he gets it, I’ll never want to walk away again.

Hating the Rock Star is a steamy, rough-and-tied-up rock star romance with adult themes and lots of laughs. It’s only for readers 18+.

Hating the Rock Star is a full length standalone novel. No cliffhanger. Guaranteed HEA!


(2019/01/11 #)


Free – Love Hard: A Bad Boy Mafia Collection

Free - Love Hard: A Bad Boy Mafia Collection

Free - Love Hard: A Bad Boy Mafia Collection

Genre: Adventure, FREE!, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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The Barone Crime Family Series available in one collection!

Love Hard includes five full-length, stand-alone romances featuring dirty, sexy, steamy mafia bad boys, HEAs, no cheating, and no cliffhangers.

Get all the bad you need, right here in one collection!

Step Bride

I’m the mobster’s forbidden bride.

I don’t know why he wanted to get married, but I couldn’t stop saying yes over and over again.

And it gets worse. My crazy mother eloped with his mafia father. We’re one big happy family, right?

I need to divorce him. I need to stop wanting him. I need to get out of this situation before both our families are torn to pieces.

Bastard's Baby

I had that bastard’s baby and now I need his help.

The Russians are at war with the Italians, but I know Vince is my only chance. When I run away from home and ask him for help, I’m risking my life to save my son.

If the cocky jerk Vince Mori can’t learn what it means to be a father, I might be totally screwed.

Kissing the Killer

The killer took me, but I won’t be his.

He came in the night, killed my abusive father, and carried me away.

Now we’re on the run. If the mafia finds out what he did, we’ll both be finished.

He destroys everything in his path. I know if I let him, he’ll ruin me too.

But I have to give myself over to him, or we both might end up dead.

Packing Heat

They want to kill me, but he wants to knock me up. Either way I’m screwed.

Rafa says getting me pregnant will stop the mafia from coming after me. He says it’s the only way to protect me, but I’m worried he just wants to take my body again and again.

I can’t say no. If I do, the mafia will kill me, and he’s the only one trying to protect me.

But worst of all, part of me wants him to do it . . .

Bow Down

I want to take on the world, but that arrogant bastard just wants to take me.

Young, tall, and handsome, Wyatt Carter is no normal politician. He’s a notorious former bad boy turned State Attorney General, and I need his help if I’m going to crush my father’s mafia.

I'll bow down to him, but first he has to lay the world at my feet.


(2018/12/10 #)


Free – Killer for Hire

Free - Killer for Hire

Free - Killer for Hire

Genre: Adventure, FREE!, Suspense, Thriller

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Serena should have been mine.
I surrendered my very soul to the mafia in exchange for her life.
For five years, I’ve been the man they call when they need someone deadly. Dangerous.
But despite the blood I’ve spilled, they’re after her again.
They think they know the carnage I can cause, but when it comes to her, there are no limits.
She runs in my veins, and every beat of my heart is for her.
The mafia is on a warpath, but with her, I’m unstoppable.
New York City will burn before I let Serena get hurt again.

This is a full-length romantic suspense novel and is BOOK 1 in the exciting new trilogy by Alexis Abbott. Explicit language. Safe from cheating. HEA.
Previously titled: Bound for Life


(2018/09/21 #)


99¢ – Daddy Duke

99¢ - Daddy Duke

99¢ - Daddy Duke

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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She’s off-limits. Inappropriate. A tease, a brat, a scandal waiting to happen, and a royal pain in my @ss.
Oh, and she’s one more thing too: all mine.
…She just doesn’t know it yet.

I have a problem. A five-foot-five, brown-haired, green-eyed little tease of a problem. A problem that’s lived under my roof ever since I took her in as if she were my own years ago.

Lola. Princess Lola, that is. Lola with the fiery sass, the softest lips, the sweetest skin, and the most temping curves these rough hands have ever wanted to grab ahold of.

I’m her guardian – the man who took care of her and raised her up. But my eyes have started lingering longer than they should. My thoughts have turned darker, and there’s no turning back.

See, I want the little Princess to be my little Princess. I want her laid out dressed in nothing but jewels and a smile – a present waiting for me to unwrap and claim.

The world will say this is so f**king wrong. They’ll say I’m more than twice her age. They’ll say a rough, hardened, ex-soldier like myself has no business being with her. They’ll say a lot to try and keep us apart.

They can all go to h*ll.

Because whatever my Lola wants, she’ll get. And she’s about to get every inch of what she wants.

…But only if she says please.

Are you sitting on your throne? Got your tiara and jewels ready? Good, you’re going to need them. Get ready for that kind of book. You know what I’m talking about ;).

Wild, out of control, and pure dirty fantasy at it’s finest. Packed with insta-love, kindle-melting steam, and one very dominant alpha. As with all my books, this one is safe, with no cheating, and a HEA guaranteed.


(2018/08/27 #)


99¢ – Caleb

99¢ - Caleb

99¢ - Caleb

Genre: 99 Cents!, Military, Suspense, Thriller

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I’m a loner, and it seems I always will be.

It’s safer that way. My last girl up and left because things got too dangerous. Not that I blame her.

It’d be better if I could stay away from love for good, but the pretty single mom who dances at my club has my attention, then my body, and now my heart.

The world is crumbling around me, with villains gunning for my MC left and right, and the only thing that saves me is her.

Scarily enough, she’s trying to save herself. An abusive relationship and a little one to deal with have her struggling to keep her head above water.

Time to step in and save her. I have to. No matter what.

Why? She’s the one that pulls my black soul up from the darkness and forces me to breathe again with her warmth.

I just can’t help but wonder how she’ll feel when she realizes that I’m no different from the evil that’s after us. I’m more of what she doesn’t need.

I wish I was a good guy and could walk away, but I’m in too deep. I’ve gone too far.

No matter what or who comes our way, I’ll be ready to protect what is mine.

Cause that’s what bad boys do.


(2018/08/24 #)


Free – Billionaires in Disguise

Free - Billionaires in Disguise

Free - Billionaires in Disguise

Genre: Box Set, FREE!, Suspense, Thriller

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How could one wild quickie with a hot guy change everything so fast?

All Rae wanted was to open a clinic for autistic kids. To do a little good in this world. To help some kids who were trapped in darkness and fear.

But a statistics class tripped her up. She is losing her scholarship, which means that she’s leaving college to go back to her poverty-stricken hometown. It’s too late for grants. Too late for loans. No job exists that can pay for college tuition. She’s finished, and she has to go back to her family and their repressive beliefs that she thought she was better than she ought to be for trying to go to college, anyway.

She has three weeks of freedom left. Her friends tell her that there is a job that could help her, the place where they work, where she might be able to make enough cash for tuition because they do.

So they take her to an upscale party to meet the guy who runs it, and they tell her all about their boss: his cold, calculating gaze, how he can see through anyone, how no one even knows his real name, and how he might be a psychopath.

But Rae doesn’t meet their mysterious boss. She meets The Blond Hottie who tells her that his name is Wulf. He’s even taller than Rae, probably six feet-four, with a strong jaw and dark sapphire blue eyes, and an athlete’s build.

If you had three weeks of college freedom left before you went home to your fundamentalist family, what would you do?

Rae shoves The Blond Hottie up against a wall in dark bedroom, and then all Hell does break loose.

This Complete Boxed Set of Billionaires in Disguise: Rae contains all nine original episodes.


(2018/02/07 #)


99¢ – Ozzy

99¢ - Ozzy

99¢ - Ozzy

Genre: 99 Cents!, Suspense, Thriller

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I never thought I'd question my loyalty to the club.
But then, I never thought I'd meet a woman like her.

There's a rat threatening to take down the whole club.
An old business partner's been picked up by the cops and the word is out that he's going to talk.
That’s where I come in.

It's my job as enforcer for the Wayward Kings to make sure this guy eats a bullet before he can open his mouth.
It's my job to make sure anyone who knows his story winds up six feet under.
And I'm ready to prove my loyalty to my brothers with bullets and blood.

Except I didn't count on the woman I’ve fallen for getting hired to be his lawyer.
The woman I've wanted to claim for my own since the day we met.
The fiery redhead I want to wrap in my leather and tie to my bed.
This is her shot at the big time and she's risking everything on this case.
Now she's in my way.

The stakes are high and time is running out.
Because I'm not the only gun in town aiming to silence this rat.
And his other business partners don’t have any of my hangups -- they’ll kill their target and her, too, just for working with him.

I have to make a choice: do I save my club or do I save my Maria?

'Ozzy' is a full-length, standalone and steamy bad boy romance with guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger! It’s also the second book in the Wayward Kings MC series. While it is a standalone, characters from the previous novel, Bear, make appearances.




(2018/01/19 #)


Free – Wanted By The Devil

Free - Wanted By The Devil

Free - Wanted By The Devil

Genre: FREE!, Suspense, Thriller

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I’ve waited years for her to grow up. Now it’s time. I won’t be gentle and I won’t be kind. I’m taking what is mine.


Wherever I went, I heard it: the sound of a purring motorcycle behind me. They never bothered me or said a word. But I knew they were there because of him. Devlin McRae, the head of the local MC.

Being followed all the time like this was disconcerting. And lately, the bikes had been getting closer, less secretive, more obvious. What would I do if Devlin ever caught me?


The first time I saw her she was too young.

I had to wait. I hated it, but I’d promised her mother I would wait for her to grow up. The sweet little waitress from Mae’s diner was going to be mine.

She just didn’t know it yet.


(2017/12/11 #)


99¢ – Faith

99¢ - Faith

99¢ - Faith

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Contemporary, LGBT, Suspense, Thriller

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Joey Kavanagh is on the run.

A two-time Pulitzer prize winning journalist for his reporting from Honduras and then Syria, Joey has seen the worst humanity has to offer – torture, mass killings, unspeakable brutality unfolding before his eyes.

He reported on what he saw, focusing the attention of the world on the atrocities, bringing hope to those who were suffering the most.

But his work came at a horrible cost: his lover, the man he expected to spend the rest of his life with, was killed by those Joey was seeking to expose.

Unable to face what he's done, Joey leaves his career and everything he's known, returning to his childhood home in the mountains of Southwest Virginia, where he hopes to spend his days in quiet solitude as a night time DJ and news director at a small mountain radio station.

Then he meets Rob, a younger man who has a strange, almost magnetic pull on Joey, touching his heart in ways Joey no longer thought was possible – and dredging up feelings of loss and pain and extreme guilt—and Rob offers Joey a chance to deal with those old feelings, in an unusual, yet exquisitely sensual manner.

Along the way Joey's past catches up with the two of them, putting both men in danger. Joey may have to choose between Rob's love and survival for them both, if it's not too late…


(2017/04/10 #)


99¢ – Heavy

99¢ - Heavy

99¢ - Heavy

Genre: 99 Cents!, Fantasy, Featured Deal, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

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I'm not a good man. I can't fall for a good girl.

I swore I’d never go back to Greenville. When I was a kid, my dad’s anger turned me black and blue, but I’ve turned it into a nice, stable salary. I don’t give a f*ck if being a heavy for the city’s most dangerous drug dealer is illegal—it pays.

But, here I am. The old asshole has cancer, and whatever I am, I’m not a monster. I want to say goodbye, but I’m sure as hell not going to linger. I’ll get in, get out, and get back to my life.

Leave it to Zelda to ruin my plans.

She’s too good for me, and I know it. Zelda is hopeful and kind and spends her days charming people at the local library. She’s a damn saint.

And the way she looks at me, her eyes full of raw desire and pure need...I can practically hear the way she’d moan my name. I want her in my bed. I want her as mine.

But if I fall for her, I put her in harm’s way. I hurt the only person I really care about.

The only problem?

It’s too late.


(2017/02/15 #)