99¢ - His Secrets

99¢ - His Secrets

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Holiday, Second Chance, Suspense

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I’m engaged to a self-made billionaire. 

I thought I knew everything about him… but do I?

Blake Maynard is perfect on paper.

Hot AF, powerful, and a beast in bed.

There’s just one problem.

He’s got secrets.

The kind that he’s been telling himself.

His past is a mystery… so is his family.

There’s a darkness within him that might swallow me whole.

But I can’t distance myself from him.

Blake is the love of my life.

And I’m about to discover who he truly is.

Will that be the end of our engagement?

Or will the truth bring us closer than ever before?


(2019/09/30 #)