Free - Trapper

Free - Trapper

Genre: Contemporary, FREE!, Suspense

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I'm a big city girl - and so the last place I wanted to end up was the middle-of-nowhere Alaska.

That's why, when my oil company bosses sent me to the one-horse town of Lake Chamberlain, I didn't think things could get much worse.

But I was wrong.

Now I'm on the run, being hunted by a madman, and I'm in no condition to weather the great outdoors.

Fortunately, I ran into him.

Trapper Harris.

An infuriatingly gorgeous bush pilot who's got his own reason for being out in the middle of nowhere.

We've been shot at, sabotaged, and hunted - but together, we might have a shot of surviving this...

...if he and I don't kill each other first.


I came to Lake Chamberlain to find out what happened to my two best friends.

Now I might share their fate.

Because Layna Moretti, a beautiful lawyer from New York, has stumbled onto something big - and a murderous oil executive and his goons are trying to kill her over it.

After surviving a plane crash, bear attack and the rigors of the Alaskan wildlands, I might be Layna's only chance to make it out of this alive...

...but the more time I spend with this sassy, sarcastic New Yorker?

The more I wonder if she's the only thing I've found worth living for.

Trapper is a 70,000 word romantic adventure, featuring steamy suspense, a bit with a bear, and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!


(2018/10/15 #)