Free - Strawberry: A Vampire Romance

Free - Strawberry: A Vampire Romance

Genre: Fantasy, FREE!, Paranormal

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Held captive by a vampire in love with her blood…

Out of work actress Kitty French knows her new role as a vampire's sexy victim is dodgy, but she needs the cash.

She never thought it would leave her at the mercy of a real vampire…

A vampire who thinks she's the tastiest of them all.

She'll do anything to escape his cold lips alive, because being part of a blood-sucker's ongoing meal plan isn't high on her list of life goals, no matter how sexy he is. How can she make him see she's more than just food?

Learning vampires are real is one thing. What happens after that she would never see coming…

Strawberry is the first book in the adults-only Vampire Temptations series by Lena Fox.

If you love brooding vampire men, steamy sex scenes, light horror, sassy, food-obsessed heroines, and a H.E.A with a twist, click Buy Now and sink your teeth into this fresh and fun novel today.


(2019/10/21 #)