Free - Stealing Beauty

Free - Stealing Beauty

Genre: Adventure, Erotica, FREE!

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Valentina was brought into my home when we were teenagers, her virgin body sold to my father to pay a debt. She was meant to be his plaything, but I claimed her innocence for myself.

My father discovered us together, and he exiled me from Colombia to America, where I was commanded to run his cocaine empire on the west coast. I bided my time, consolidating power until the day I was strong enough to take my Valentina.

I'd been consumed with plans to rescue her, but she didn't wait for me. She fell in love with another man, and I loathe her for that.

My hatred doesn't stop me from stealing her back for myself. After ten long years of separation, I finally return home to claim what has always been mine. Valentina will fight me, but she doesn't realize that the cruelly possessive boy she used to love has grown into a sadistic man. Her cries for mercy will only fuel my obsession and my burning need to punish her for daring to love someone else.

Valentina has always belonged to me. I will make her mine, whether she wants it or not. I will own her forever, body and soul.


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