Free - Reckless Touch

Free - Reckless Touch

Genre: FREE!, Mystery, Suspense

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Do you know what you've done?

I've sunken my teeth into a story that could make my career--an exposé on the most powerful man in the city. Even a vicious attack fails to deter my ambitions. But when Detective Sebastian Reed enters my life, I face the greatest obstacle of all.

He's steely and magnetic, and determined to keep me safe. Except there is no safe. Only stolen moments, secrets and lies.

And a tinder box of an attraction, waiting to ignite.

Every touch is a reckless diversion, because out in the night a hooded figure plots his revenge.

Do you know what you've done?

I don't.

But someone's determined to make me pay for it with my life.


(2018/06/13 #)