Free - Must Be Love

Free - Must Be Love

Genre: FREE!, New Adult & College

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My life was perfect—from the outside, at least. Until I came home to find another woman straddling my long-time boyfriend. On my brand new bedding.

Now I’m back in Jetty Beach, the small town on the coast where I grew up, crashing at my parent’s place. And life is looking pretty bleak.


Ryan Jacobsen.

We knew each other as kids, but he did not look like this. Tousled dark hair, a body that sparks thoughts that make me blush, and intense green eyes hiding a sadness I want to kiss away. He’s back in town too, and I can’t seem to get him out of my mind.

Or stay out of his bed.

He makes me feel things I never imagined (and the things he can do with his tongue!). But his sweet, sad eyes are hiding a secret—one that could tear us apart.

Ryan comes into my life at precisely the wrong time. It’s either a huge mistake … or it must be love.

***Must Be Love is a stand alone, full-length romance with a definite HEA. This is a HOT love story with explicit language, written for a mature audience. But if you like your sexy, brooding heroes to know what they're doing, you've come to the right place.***


(2018/07/20 #)