Free - Mountain Man's Baby

Free - Mountain Man's Baby

Genre: Adventure, Billionaire, FREE!, New Adult & College

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I may be isolated from society, but I'm still a man with needs.
What I need now is to put a baby inside this hot young woman,
who thinks she's here to mop my floors. 

A war injury ended my SEAL career, and perhaps my future.
But it also made me filthy rich.
So, I built a cabin in the woods to escape it all.
I've closed myself off to the world, to love,
and to my only chance to make a baby before it's too late.
Until 19-year-old Hope shows up to clean my house.
But I want to get really dirty with her.
She has innocent eyes and shapely curves.
She needs money and I have plenty of that.
What I need is to bend her over and put a baby in her.
We enter into a mutually beneficial arrangement.
The terms of the contract say that for 9 months she's mine.
She'll stay in my cabin so I know the baby is growing healthy and safe.
And I can do whatever I want to her during that time.
Possess her, dominate her, claim her as my own.
After the baby is born, we'll be done.

But what if I fall for her and ruin everything?

Mountain Man's Baby is a standalone steamy romance novel featuring a dominant alpha male and the feisty woman who wins his heart, with no cheating, no cliffhangers and a happily ever after.


(2018/05/14 #)