Free - Lightning Boy: Damaged Souls Golden Hearts

Free - Lightning Boy: Damaged Souls Golden Hearts

Genre: FREE!, Mystery, Suspense, Urban

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Lightning never strikes the same place twice. Unless he’s a boy called L.


My name is Eden and I only want one thing in life—and it isn’t to have sex with some guy I’ve never met in front of three creepy businessmen. But when dirty-copper Coop, who holds the deed to my family’s farm, says jump—I ask how high. And ex-street kid L is nothing like I expect him to be.

He’s so much worse.

Now I want three things.

My dad’s farm back.
To know why a guy as hot as L has never slept with a girl before.
Coop to die a painful death.

And there’s a fourth. Here’s a hint…
It starts with the letter L.
Just like this story does.

Is happy-ever-after possible when your meet-cute happens in front of three voyeurs in business suits?

Lightning Boy is a full-length self-contained novel with a HEA. Book 1 in the Damaged Souls Golden Hearts series is the short novelette, A Boy Called L, set four years earlier which tells the tale of L’s last night of homelessness and his first soul-shaking sight of Eden across a rain-filled street. It doesn't need to be read first but does give some extra-juicy background that some readers might find helpful.

Note: Contains strong language, sex scenes, and a main character who has suffered sexual abuse


(2018/11/02 #)