Free - Her Men in Blue: A Reverse Harem Romance

Free - Her Men in Blue: A Reverse Harem Romance

Genre: Contemporary, FREE!, Suspense

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Three hot cops promise to keep me safe, but I want a whole lot more…

My dreams on the job are poised to come true any day now. But when I’m tempted by three smokin’ hot police officers at a glitzy fundraiser, I realize exactly how much I’ve prioritized my career over my heart.

Wade is the wild child: perceptive, intense, and deviously unpredictable. Jake plays the adventurer and shameless flirt but his interest in the criminal mind shows his hidden depths. Mick has a passion for food that matches his intensity in the bedroom, but his reserve only drops when he’s off the clock.

I don’t know how to choose between them. I don’t think I can.

This gorgeous trio is assigned to guard my hospital after a series of assaults puts everyone on edge. They’ll keep me safe, but do I dare ask for more?

Maybe they can persuade my guilty conscience that a girl really can have it all: safety, security, and three times the love…

***Her Men In Blue is a steamy reverse harem contemporary romance with a happy ending for readers who like their men ripped, in uniform, eager to protect and serve… and ready to share!***


(2019/10/18 #)