Free - Fully Thrusted

Free - Fully Thrusted

Genre: Billionaire, Contemporary, FREE!, LGBT

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Once I let go and fully-thrusted myself into his soul, everything changed...

Twenty-three year old Evelyn Healy is a woman in conflict. She’s been in conflict almost all her life with her father, Mitch Healy, Captain of the charter cruise ship The Prissy Jack, where Evelyn is the first mate.

She’s in conflict with her ex-boyfriend, Kyle Madsen, who has reappeared on board with a new girlfriend after abandoning Evelyn in New Zealand eight months before, leaving her with a broken heart and a shattered ego.

She’s in conflict because of the growing attraction between her and handsome young Siddharth Patel, for whom The Prissy Jack’s latest charter was hired for a search for a bride cruise by his wealthy Indian family.

But most of all, Evelyn Healy is in conflict with herself—as she tries to reconcile the tensions between loyalty, family, her own sense of self and love.


(2018/06/20 #)