Free - Filthy Rich Bastard

Free - Filthy Rich Bastard

Genre: FREE!, Humor

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Deported? After all these years?
Damn it. This sh-t doesn’t happen to the rich and powerful. I’m not going back. But, they say the only way I can stay is if I marry someone from the States.
Mia's supposed to be off limits. Company policy. But she’s one of the few women who can tolerate me.
F-ck policies. I'm the boss, and I do who—and where—I want.
No questions asked. It’s a win-win.
She’s got something I need—I’ve got something she wants.
Two can play this game. And I’ve got the upper hand—or at least I think I do.
Now, all I have to do is get her to say yes and get the feds to believe our fake love is real... then I'll have to convince my heart it's not.

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(2018/05/30 #)