Free - Dragon Ensnared: A Viking Dragon Fantasy Romance (Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 7)

Free - Dragon Ensnared: A Viking Dragon Fantasy Romance (Lords of the Dragon Islands Book 7)

Genre: Fantasy, FREE!, Paranormal

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Dragon Ensnared: A BBW/Viking Dragon Paranormal Fantasy Romance

Soulless water-nymph baits marriage trap for billionaire dragon lord.

Curvy Iliana has spent centuries at the bottom of a freezing stream. She’s so done with being a cold, homeless nixie. She longs for a warm bed, a hard man, and a soft baby. Hunky bachelor dragon lord Jareth looks exactly right to provide her with central heating.

This modern day descendent of Viking dragons is everything a gal desires. Rich. Kind. Protective. Built. Bending over her stream. It’s the work of seconds to lay a golden ring on a stone and catch herself a re-hot husband. But what does a soulless female do when she snags herself a soulmate?

For Jareth is not the uncomplicated alpha male he appears. This military hero is literally battling demons and BBW Iliana’s impetuous capture plunges them both into a dark nightmare world where his modern demons and her ancient ones collide. Share their heart-stopping adventures as these unlikely lovers face freezing seas, a black-hearted wraith, and the dread goddess Hel.

This funny, spicy, suspenseful fantasy romance will make you laugh and cry as clueless nixie and possessive dragon lord overcome their misunderstandings and differences to earn their sizzling happy ever after and a transcendent love. Read it today.

Dragon Ensnared is a standalone paranormal romance with a HEA. It includes bonus chapters from Book 6 & 8, Dragon’s Christmas Captive, and Dragon Bewitched. Let Isadora's amazing characters take you to your happy place.


(2019/09/11 #)