Free - Dirty Debt

Free - Dirty Debt

Genre: Adventure, FREE!, New Adult & College

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One way or another, baby, I always get what I'm owed.

"I do my job without hesitation, but Dawn has me questioning everything."

If a girl can’t pay her debt, my boss sends her to hook at one of his nightclubs.

But I can’t let that happen to Dawn.

She’s innocent, pure. She doesn’t know evil like I do.

I’ll do anything to protect her.

Even if it breaks me.

Even if I have to fight the entire f*cking world.

"When my whole world comes crashing down, Max saves me."

My ex has taken a loan from city's biggest crime lord… with my name on it.

I’m destined for a fate worse than death.

But the man I thought would be the end of me proves to be my savior.

He’s damaged, broken. He’s everything I’m not.

But he owns me until this is over.

My life is in his hands.

And so is my body…

Dirty Debt is a full-length bad boy romance with a happily ever after and no cheating

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(2019/11/22 #)