Free - Break Me

Free - Break Me

Genre: FREE!, New Adult & College

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He was forbidden. He was my first. And now he’s back.


Six years ago, I gave in to my crush and gave my virginity to wild, sexy Bram Riordan - my stepbrother.

It was amazing. And a mistake. Because weeks later, he threw his life away and went to prison.

I’ve tried to be good. I’ve tried to date good guys. But it isn’t working.

Now Bram is out. He’s big, he’s tatted, and there’s a darkness inside him no one can reach.

And he wants me…


She was all I thought about for six years, locked in a cage.

She doesn’t know it, but she’s the only thing that kept me sane. The only thing that kept me alive.

I shouldn’t go near her. I sure as hell shouldn’t touch her. But one look at Summer, and I know she’s my salvation. I’ve lost part of myself, but maybe, just maybe, I can get it back.

She doesn’t know what she’s capable of - so I’m going to show her. I’m going to take her past her limits. And we’ll see what happens when two people break…


(2018/05/02 #)