Free - Back in the Groove

Free - Back in the Groove

Genre: African-American, FREE!


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Hadley has always been the beautiful daughter in the family. She's also as picky as can be. But when a handsome man finally catches her eye, will he feel the same about her?

Jasmine has always been second best. She's tired of not measuring up. But will it be that way forever, or will she finally come in first in the right man's eyes?

Ladanian used to be a star athlete. But an injury derails his dreams and his ambition. Can he recover from the bruised bones and ego to build a new life, or will his future remain as shattered as his dreams?

Finally, Eva is the free spirited one. The adventurous soul desperate for a change of scenery. But will her curiosity lead her to untold happiness, or lead her to a dead end?


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