Free - A Baby for the Officer

Free - A Baby for the Officer

Genre: Contemporary, FREE!

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Clay's life has just been turned upside down. As the Sherriff of Rockford for the past five years, Clay certainly had his share of… interesting moments, yet, the day his new eight-week-old baby was placed in his arms tops them all. Alone, scared, and needing help, Clay enlists the newcomer in town, Lyla, to nanny for his daughter, Emily. Except nannying isn’t the only thing Clay wants from Lyla. The more he gets to know the innocent girl, the more he wants her. Craves her. Needs her.

Lyla cannot believe her lack of luck. After upheaving her entire life to become a teacher in Rockford, the day she gets there she learns the job has been given to someone else. Overhearing the Sherriff needs a nanny, she storms right to the police station, determined not to leave without a job. What she finds instead – the stoic, distinguished, Sherriff with the dark eyes – has her wanting to more than just a job. For the first time, she wants a man to want her. To crave her. To ravish her.

Helpless to stay away from each other, both Clay and Lyla know the game of cat and mouse they’ve been playing with each other is dangerous. After all, they both need to be focusing on Emily. Especially since Emily’s maternal grandmother has decided she wants full custody – and will stop at nothing to get it.

A Baby for the Officer is the first book in the Boys of Rockford Series.


(2018/08/22 #)