99¢ Black Friday Deal – The Wrong Guy

99¢ Black Friday Deal – The Wrong Guy

Genre: 99 Cents!, Military, New Adult & College, Romance


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His job is to protect her. Not fall for her.

A man of honor...

Former Navy SEAL Rick Thornton runs his own security company. He’ll go the extra mile to protect a client. He’s engaged to be married to a woman he likes well enough, because it’s time to settle down.

But when he starts guarding Francesca whose family has received a death threat, doing the right thing has never been so difficult.

A woman in need...

Francesca Martin is a gentle young woman who works for a children’s charity. Her controlling, twice-her-age lover is relentless in his demands, in bed and out, in ways that make her blush...but if he wants her so much, he must love her. Mustn’t he?

Rick is completely different. Kind, protective, strong, sexy--but he’ll never be hers. No matter how he makes her feel.

A growing threat...

As Francesca and Rick battle their growing attraction, and her lover’s sexual demands grow ever darker and more humiliating, Francesca is in more danger than ever from all sides. Can Rick identify the culprit before Francesca pays with her life? And will he and Francesca realize that sometimes, the wrong person is really the right one?


(Thanksgiving 2015 #)