99¢ Black Friday Deal – Playing With Fire

99¢ Black Friday Deal – Playing With Fire

Genre: 99 Cents!, Paranormal, Romance


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Curvy fire elemental witch Serafina’s hot temper gets the best of her, leading her to make a mistake during a vengeance spell that accidentally summons a high-level demon to do her bidding instead. Liam appears to help her undo what she’s done, and she’s drawn to the mysterious Guardian of the balance between light and dark magic. He’s intent on tracking down the demon, but her heart isn’t in stopping the vengeance curse just yet. Their attraction is mutual, but will Serafina and Liam find a way to make their relationship work, or will it flash and burn out after the mission binding him to her is complete, and he no longer has a reason to stay?


(Thanksgiving 2015 #)