99¢ Black Friday Deal – His Secret Muse

99¢ Black Friday Deal – His Secret Muse

Genre: 99 Cents!, BDSM, Billionaire, Erotic Romance


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To Cedric Crow, everyone's as simple as a puppet, but not Renee. Breaking her will be even more enjoyable.

Renee Branson is a software developer, a beautiful, but shy woman in her mid-twenties. When her best friend Lesley drags her to a book reading by a wealthy and famous thriller author, Renee can't wait to get out of the room. Cedric Crow may be handsome as hell, but apart from his looks, he doesn't hold Renee's interest, not even for a second.

When she rolls her eyes during his speech, Cedric sees... and he won't let her get away with it.


(Thanksgiving 2015 #)