99¢ Black Friday Deal - Bound Innocence

99¢ Black Friday Deal - Bound Innocence

Genre: 99 Cents!, BDSM, Erotic Romance


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Friends often help each other through life and changes. The friends in this story learn new things about themselves and each other. Some they keep to themselves because newness, their own thoughts, and concerns of the unknown, but they make a pact to stick together and enjoy their experiences.

Emily is asked by her best friends, Rose and Faith to attend a special BDSM club, by invitation only, and as friends, they agree to go. They've been to one in the past, and are intrigued with the idea and look forward to seeing another alternative.

They are pleasantly surprised and find they want to explore more, with the help of some new friend.

This is Emily's story, who learns to experience things outside her normal parameters and find enjoyment in them.

Come along and join Emily through her life and new discoveries.

And the rest, well . . .


(Thanksgiving 2015 #)