99¢ - YES, DADDY

99¢ - YES, DADDY

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary

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Driving down a dark street in blinding rain, I hit something.

That something turns out to be Esme Tremain. She’s running from someone, but I’m going to be sure she doesn’t run from me.

With one look at those red lips and mouthwatering curves, I’m instantly obsessed. When I tell her she belongs to me and she answers with, ‘Yes, Daddy’, her fate is sealed.

I’ll protect her.

I’ll possess her.

I’ll do anything for her.

Only, this sweet, smart intern at the DA’s office doesn’t know who I really am. I walk on the other side of the law and our differences may be the fire that burns the bridge between us. What she doesn’t know is, once I take all of her, I’m never letting her go.

Author’s Note: He may be nearly twice her age, and three times her size but when this smoldering hunk of organized crime hears his princess call him Daddy for the first time, he melts. Get your babygirl on with this over the top, possessive, filthy Daddy. Yep, yep safe, no cheating, a happy ending and no one is really related here, it’s all yummy Daddy Dom babygirl fun.


(2019/10/21 #)