99¢ - The Witch's Familiars

99¢ - The Witch's Familiars

Genre: 99 Cents!, Fantasy, Reverse Harem

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A reluctant witch and her five infernal consorts have to band together to save the world…from her.

One renegade angel.

One werewolf heartbreaker.

One unseelie outcast.

One hotblooded undead.

And one wickedly seductive demon who’s convinced that never-been-kissed Jordan is none other than the what of Babylon?

Jordan’s attempt to start a new life in a quiet town just got a whole lot more complicated. From preacher’s daughter to the harbinger of the apocalypse, taming her newfound power is the easy part. The hard part? Taming the five monstrous men who will stop at nothing to protect her… even if it means coexisting with each other.

This action-packed reverse harem fantasy features a very witchy heroine and her five irresistible lovers in an epic romantic tale that unfolds over 3 volumes in total. Readers 18+ only. This story is a completely rewritten version of a previously published work under the title of "Bad Witch" with an MM+ AU story that has a separate and unrelated storyline.


(2018/05/02 #)