99¢ - The Wedding Date

99¢ - The Wedding Date

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, New Adult & College, Novella

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My hot, older neighbor is the man of my fantasies...

I need a date for my friend’s wedding, and I just found him.
Or should I say he found me...
He’s my six-foot-something, hot-as-sin crush, the brainy, slightly mysterious older man who recently moved into my neighborhood.
And that strong and silent smile that makes me weak in the knees?
It’s nothing compared to what I’ve fantasized about.
On paper, he’s all kinds of wrong for me.
Is it wrong that I want him to look after me, protect me, tell me not to dance with any other guys?
Be a little bit strict with me?
It’s not that I want to dance with other guys anyway. Men my age just don’t cut it. When they find out how inexperienced I am, they either run straight for the door or get a little too excited.
But Mr. Norris is the only man I’ve wanted for the past six months.
And suddenly, he’s traded in his slightly distant, frustratingly hot demeanor for an intense possessive streak.
He’s got trouble written all over him...and I can’t resist a little trouble.

Mr. Norris
When I met Alexandra, I knew I was done with bachelor life for good.
In an instant, when our eyes met and the sparks flew, I knew she would be mine.
She makes my body and mind stir up things I haven’t felt in what seems like forever.
We even like the same philosophers and movies, and can talk for hours about everything and anything.
But none of that matters when she’s in my arms, making me forget my name and wanting to claim her sweet lips and lusciously curvy body.
There are many reasons we shouldn’t be together, including a secret from my past.
But there’s one reason we should be together - and no matter what comes our way, I’m taking her on this date.
And I’m going to make sure she’s mine long after the wedding bells have rung.

Hot, steamy fun. Something for you to chill out with on a lazy afternoon with a glass of wine. Insta-love, standalone, no cheating, HEA. Enjoy 🙂


(2018/11/02 #)