99¢ - The Hottest Daddy: After She’s Gone

99¢ - The Hottest Daddy: After She’s Gone

Genre: 99 Cents!, Romance

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Just when my life was falling apart, she came into it.
God, I can’t stop thinking about her, her face, her hair, her beautiful, curvy body…
The way she gasps my name when she comes…
She is my life now, my whole life, and nothing and no-one will stop us from being together…

I left everything behind to save my own life. Everything.
What I didn’t count on was finding him… River Giotto, the handsomest, sexiest man I’ve ever met.
My body has no control when he’s near, I crave his touch, his lips on mine, his skin on my skin…
His c@ck buried deep inside me.
I might have lost my identity, but I found the love of my life…
I just hope no-one takes him away from me.
Or me away from him.

"The Hottest Daddy" is a full-length romance novel with a happily ever after, no cliffhangers, no cheating and plenty of steamy scenes.


(2018/07/18 #)