99¢ – The Duke's Virgin

99¢ – The Duke's Virgin

Genre: 99 Cents!, Billionaire, New Adult & College

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Now that I’ve graduated, Mother expects me to find a husband. Of course, someone to her standards. But after witnessing my parents’ marriage, the most I hope for is someone I can tolerate touching me. People call me an ice queen, but it’s only because I’m shy and guarded. I hide behind a mask.

Stacia Haden is New York high society and suppresses anything that reflects poorly on her family. Until she meets Luka Hahn at a Formula 1 race in Monaco and mistakes him for an auto mechanic. Magnetically drawn to him, she realizes this trip, far from home, would be the perfect place to lose her virginity. Little does she know her life is about to spin out of control as she learns Luka is not a mechanic, but a Hereditary Grand Duke, the next ruler of Luxembourg.

Find out what happens in The Duke’s Virgin (Filthy Rich Royals) by USA Today Bestselling author M.S. Parker.


(2019/04/26 #)