99¢ - The Dirty Hotel King

99¢ - The Dirty Hotel King

Genre: 99 Cents!, Bad Boy, Billionaire, Holiday, Sport

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I was sold to a powerful hotel king as payment for my dad's debts.

Rosy's dad has problems.  He's been unemployed forever, with gambling debts the size of a mountain.  When a mysterious hotel magnate offers to buy Rosy for a month, her dad's only too happy to agree.

Steele's got more money than he knows what to do with.  Beautiful women, fast cars, and glamorous vacations are only the beginning.  But when a sweet girl with big brown eyes gets under his skin, the hotel king's in for a surprise.  But what price is he willing to pay to keep Rosy?

Hey Readers - This billionaire bad boy is the kind of guy who leaves you gasping (and wanting) more.  As always, we're in off-the-charts fantasy land with a big dose of happily-ever-after at the end  🙂  I promise, you'll come out of this one craving more ... and more ... and more.  xoxo, Cassie and Jade


(2018/06/04 #)