99¢ - The Brothers Next Door

99¢ - The Brothers Next Door

Genre: 99 Cents!, Comedy, Contemporary

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After a night of epic sex, he left a thank-you note on my night-side table!

Imagine my surprise on moving day when I discover my one-night stand is now my new neighbor, Nate.

Last weekend, the hot NYPD officer gave me the night of my life. He looks almost as handsome in uniform as out of uniform. I wait for him to say something like… ‘You were amazing.’ Or ‘What a night’. Or maybe, ‘Dinner? My place?’

Sounds reasonable, right? After all, Nate left me hoarse from screaming his name, and aching from doing it in every position known to man. He also left me without a goodbye. Just a note. A freaking thank-you note. So, maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised when he eyes me up and down and says three very different words.

‘Have we met?’

Bastard. That’s what I thought for a second.

But, it turns out Officer Casanova has a twin brother. Darrin.

Nate didn’t forget me. In fact, he has plans for me, plans that include his brother and both of them having their dirty, wicked way with me. These gorgeous, sexy, demanding men want to share me. Sounds like a girl's dream come true, right? But what if a time comes when I have to choose?


(2019/10/11 #)