99¢ - The Bear's Matchmaker

99¢ - The Bear's Matchmaker

Genre: 99 Cents!, Fantasy, Paranormal

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Some women might like to have three handsome, powerful bear shifters vying for their attention, but Ophelia (Lia) Caldwell is not one of them. For one thing, she knows that the alpha bears only seek her out to steal her sealskin and the control of the coastal land around Monterey that goes with it.

It sucks to be a selkie.

Lia is seriously considering retreating to the ocean and trying to reconnect with the pod she lost as a child, but her adoptive sister Nessa, who moonlights as a matchmaker for shifters convinces her to try hooking up with a guy who might be able to protect her from the alpha bears.

But what kind of protection with Miles be? He’s a playboy who can’t stay focused on one woman for more than a day or two.
Even worse, he’s another bear.

Lia wants to tell Nessa to forget about it. This match is a terrible idea.

But Miles sees her in a way the other bears don’t, and Lia’s oddly attracted to him despite his faults.

Will giving him a chance be the worst mistake she’s ever made?

Or will it be her salvation?

Content Warning: This book contains lots of sexy shifter action. Intended for a mature audience only


(2018/07/13 #)