99¢ - The Baby Package

99¢ - The Baby Package

Genre: 99 Cents!, Holiday

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It was a f*cked up situation.
"I don't want you. Just your baby."
I wanted to say no.
But second chances don't come around often...

My billions buy me whatever I want.
Except Julia.
I had her once and f*cked things up.
Now she's back. And this time, I'm marking her as mine.
She just wants a baby, but I just want her.
I'll give her what she wants, but on one condition.
We do things the old-fashioned way.
She says she doesn't do relationships,
But she's already submitting.
One taste wasn't enough for me. I want all of her.
Every sinful curve. Every mouth-watering kiss.
Now she's pregnant, and I won't let her go.
Julia can try and run, but she can't hide.
I don't care about my money. I just care about my family.

Can I stop Julia from running from our past... and get her to run towards our future?

"The Baby Package" is a full length standalone romance with no cheating and no cliffhangers, but with plenty of steam and a HEA. I've also included a preview of one of my other books! - Sarah J. Brooks (USA Today Bestselling Author)


(2018/06/11 #)