99¢ - The Baby Makes Three Series

99¢ - The Baby Makes Three Series

Genre: 99 Cents!, Billionaire, Suspense

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These seven billionaires want one thing. A baby.

Billionaire. Playboy. Her brother's best friend.
And her baby's daddy?

The last time I saw Joanna she was just a kid, following me around like a puppy dog.
But now that she's all grown up, those curves make me want to get behind her.
Make her moan my name.
Her over-protective brother would never let it happen.
But I like a challenge.
It can be our little secret.
Until her abusive ex-boyfriend shows up in town and ruins everything.
If he even tries to lay a finger on her... he'll regret it.
I'll do anything to protect my new family.
No matter what.

I have one of those faces.
The type of face where someone thinks you're someone you're not.
Scarlet thinks that. She thinks I'm her first love.
I'm not, but I'll be her last.

When I meet Scarlet, she's unlike any girl I've ever met.
Feisty, determined, she'll do anything to get her way.
Sauntering over to me in the bar with those hips. That silky hair. Those kissable lips.
Two can play at this game.
After this weekend we'll never see each other again.
Just 48 hours between the sheets.
Then I go back to Chicago and she stays in this sleepy little town.
Except four months later she shows up at my office with a secret so big it could tear our whole worlds apart.
One word changes everything.

Delilah hates me. But I'm going to marry her anyway.
Delilah is different. Quiet. Reserved. Smart.
But she doesn't want anything to do with me.
So, of course, I have to have her.
She's got the sultry librarian look, full lips, all those curves, I can't get enough.
But I'm her new boss. And if anyone at the office found out about our one night stand, we would both be ruined.
So we'll keep it to one night of passion.
Then we'll go our separate ways.
That was the plan anyway.
But now I can't let her go.
Because she's carrying my babies.
All three of them.
And I won't let her do this alone.

Always a bridesmaid...until now.
But my past is standing in our way.
We can’t be together until all our secrets come out.
And I have to tell her the truth.
Because she’s having my baby.

I can't sleep with the nanny. Or get her pregnant...
Nannies never last long under my roof.
They all kind of hate me. Natasha, the newest one included.
My kids are unruly, and all under seven.
They say I'm distant and cold.
But when Natasha takes over, finally things start falling into place.
She's sweet, innocent, and beautiful.
I'd do anything for her.
Our family is about to get a whole lot more complicated...
When we find out she's having twins.

I can't screw the teacher. And I definitely can't knock her up.
Yesterday I was living the dream.
Women. Money. Cars. I had everything.
Now I have custody of my sister's three children.
And I have my eye on the youngest's Preschool Teacher.
Emma is perfect.
Innocent and begging to be touched.
I want her to keep me after class.
Especially once we find out
She's having my triplets.

Knocking up the nanny wasn't part of the plan.

I'm supposed to look like the perfect father.
So my ex's lawyers stay away.
Actor, billionaire, single dad to three.
With a hidden secret.
I'm sleeping with the nanny.
And I'll do anything to make her stay.
Especially once we find out she's pregnant.
With our quadruplets.
But my ex has other plans.
She's threatening to take away my children.
Over my dead body.
Now I have seven to protect.
And nothing will stand in my way.

This is the complete series. They are all HEAs and no cliffhangers. No cheating, just a lot of billionaires and babies. Enjoy!


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