99¢ - That One Night

99¢ - That One Night

Genre: 99 Cents!, Featured Deal, Holiday, New Adult & College

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Sam Weis wants to marry me?
It’s one way to get that crazy b$tch off my back.
But Sam? That’s playing with fire.

A bad boy Rockstar with melting eyes and that dimpled cocky grin.
I wasn’t going to say no.
It was one long hot steamy night.
My hands in his tousled hair, his lips so hungry on my skin…

I broke it off the next day, but I haven’t forgotten.
His wounded gaze still eats up my soul.

And now he’s proposing marriage to save my ass.
It’s just business, right?
We won’t forget it’s pretend.
Will we?


(2018/07/18 #)