99¢ - Teaching the Teacher

99¢ - Teaching the Teacher

Genre: 99 Cents!, Adventure, Interracial, Multicultural

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When I broke up with Mr. Boring, I knew that I needed to do something crazy.

I picked a random spot on the map, and off I went.
A one-night stand was all part of the spontaneity of the trip.
But I never counted on being snowed in on Miki Island, stuck under the same roof as my fling.
And I definitely never counted on falling in love with him.
All I know is that he’s totally not my type, but I can’t help thinking about if there’s a chance for a future with him…

When young teacher Angel meets Joaquin, the sexy tour biker tour guide on her spring break trip to a remote Alaskan island, she ends up with a more emotional education than she’d bargained for.


(2019/07/10 #)