99¢ - Smooth Kisses

99¢ - Smooth Kisses

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary

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As the head of customer relations for a luxury resort, Selena Smooth's job is to make sure everyone's vacation is completed without a hitch. That means finding the right toy for a crying baby or delivering flowers on a wedding anniversary or booking the hard-to-get reservations. She's so good at her job that everyone calls her Smooth. There's not a problem she can't solve--that is until Andrew Lennox,
the new owner,  storms into town.

As the head of Lennox Luxury Living, it's Andrew's job to make sure that every resort is running perfectly which means a hands-on inspection of his latest acquisition. When he arrives on the property, he realizes that the greatest asset is one Serena Smooth and he won't stop until he has her in his bed with his ring on her finger. She claims she's too busy, but he's determined to be the one wrinkle she can't smooth out.


(2019/07/26 #)