99¢ - Shining Star

99¢ - Shining Star

Genre: 99 Cents!, BBW, Novella

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What I can do with my hands makes women weep.

When my old protege, now a college professor, asks me to tutor one of his students, I'm hesitant.

Lily is exceptionally talented and gifted. Though her nervous chatter and over-the-top performance style...needs work. She needs the kind of instruction I can give her.

I'm driven to distraction wondering how her glorious curves would feel in my hands and how she would respond to my fingers playing music on her body.

And damn if Lily doesn't have me rethinking my life and choices. The more I'm with her, the more I have to have her.

Lily's family is pushing her toward a career in law. It would be criminal for her to give up her dream and ignore her profound talent. I'm going to help her achieve everything she deserves. She doubts herself and her exquisite ability, but I can hear she's one of the most talented young musicians I've ever encountered.

I'm determined to make her my partner and create beautiful music with her. Forever.

Shining Star is a flirty and dirty 20K novella, with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.


(2018/12/15 #)