99¢ - Shared by the Cowboys

99¢ - Shared by the Cowboys

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, MMF, Novella, Western

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Time to cowboy up!

The only thing keeping me in Hollywood is gone. So, I left my money-grubbing father in my dust and drove off into the Texas sunset.

Unfortunately, I know he'll never let me go without a fight. I've been his cash cow since I landed my starring role in Cinderella as a child. There's zero chance he's going to get off his lazy ass and start working now.

I need to hide out. To start over. To get tough and fend for myself.

You know what they say when times get tough in Texas: "Cowboy up!"

Well, I just met two of the sexiest cattle ranchers in the entire state and they're offering me a job. This is my first step to reaching my dream.

My (secret) fantasy.

Now if I could concentrate on my job. But how can I when the tall, dark and handsome cowboy name Holden and his blond, lean friend, Travis, with the genuine smile keep distracting me?

Hiding out on this ranch has got me aching to ride. And I'm all about saving horses!

**Shared by the Cowboys is a novella of approximately 30000 words. It features a sizzling menage between a gorgeous, curvy woman and two cowboys. It's a fun, quick summer read with no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.**


(2018/07/27 #)