99¢ - Rugged Daddy: A Mountain Man Romance Collection

99¢ - Rugged Daddy: A Mountain Man Romance Collection

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It's hard to read the mysterious new man in town.
But when I see how he cares for his little girl...
I start to wonder if giving him a baby..
Is really such a crazy idea.

He's cold, remote and guarded.
And the sexiest man to move to the mountains of Whitefish, Montana.

There's something he desperately wants from me.
Says his precious daughter needs a sibling.

The surrogate agency thinks we'd make a great match.

My best friend may think I'm crazy...
But I know a good man when I see one.

I just hope whatever he's running from is locked away for good.

**This collection begins with a 65,000+ word full-length standalone mountain man's surrogate romance: Rugged Daddy, followed by an exclusive 30,000+ word mountain man romance: Mountain Man's Nanny. For your reading pleasure, this collection also contains the following mountain men romance books: Big Daddy, Cabin Fever, and Saving Mel. - Rye Hart (USA Today Bestselling Author)**



(2018/06/18 #)