99¢ - Royal Arousal

99¢ - Royal Arousal

Genre: 99 Cents!, BBW, Erotic Romance, Novella, Royal

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What good is being a prince if you don't have a princess?

Dared by my friends and bored with dating appropriate society women, I invite a sexy and curvy waitress to be my date for the upcoming gala of the year.

She’s a feisty art student who doesn’t care that I’m the future King of Roquefleur.

I’m not used to being challenged by a woman.

Turns out, I like a challenge – especially one in a curvy little package that sets my fantasies on overdrive.

Sophie is definitely not boring.

The more she challenges me, the more I want to claim the spectacular curves of her body as mine forever.

I can’t wait to see the look on my uptight Father's face when I bring an American to the gala.

It'll be even better when he finds out I'm never letting Sophie go.

This is a flirty and dirty novella, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed HEA. Do you have your tiara?


(2018/06/29 #)