99¢ - PUNT

99¢ - PUNT

Genre: 99 Cents!, New Adult & College, Romance, Suspense


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Rough. Possessive. Demanding.

That’s world-famous footballer Liam Packham in a nutshell. He’s smoking hot, cocky as all get-out, and has no boundaries when it comes to women. Innocent as she is, Audrey takes one look at Liam and knows - this guy is bad news.

As his personal assistant, she’s got a first-hand look at his wild, bad-boy ways. She works directly under him, so it’s her job to follow him to strip clubs, sex parties, and raves, and try her best to keep him out of trouble.

That includes keeping him out of her bed, no matter how hard he pursues her, or how much she wants to give in. He’s in lots of trouble back in London, and Audrey knows better than to get tangled up in that mess, no matter how devilishly handsome Liam is, or how sexy he sounds when he’s purring her name with that accent.

She’s not about the be the next in his line of conquests - but how long can a girl resist? And when she finally gives in to her desires, will Liam slip back into his bad boy ways, leaving her carrying a secret -- and his baby -- all alone?


(2016/03/04 #)