99¢ - Pregnant by Mistake

99¢ - Pregnant by Mistake

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Featured Deal, Holiday

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A forty-year-old CEO knocking up his twenty-three-year-old assistant?

Alright, falling for the s$xy single dad was a HUGE mistake.

Letting him take my innocence right there on his desk – a BIGGER mistake.

I knew it would be no strings attached,

I knew he never could love me,

I knew he was broken,

I knew he was afraid to love and afraid to live.

And I knew that fairy tales weren’t real.

But I still believed in true love.

The problem?

Unrequited love is torturous.

And carrying your boss’s baby dangerous…

Well, cupid is a sadist, isn’t it?


(2019/06/21 #)