99¢ - Play for Me

99¢ - Play for Me

Genre: 99 Cents!, LGBT, Novella

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I’m the host of the Madison Morning TV show, and a local celebrity. Ever since my rich, famous father died, I’ve looked after my mother. She likes to provide me with a lot of material comforts, but she also likes to meddle and play pranks on me.

None of this has helped my love life, or lack thereof. I mean, he-llo, I live with my mother! Not to mention that it’s been a long time since I’ve had a relationship— and that bad experience really soured my desire try again.

When my PR rep tells me that my public image could use a makeover, my mom seems to have the perfect solution. She’ll hire a guy to pretend to be my boyfriend, and we’ll get very publicly engaged. It’s just for one month, and after that we can say it didn’t work out, and at least everyone will stop thinking I’m some perpetual hermit.

At first, I think my dear ole Ma has finally cooked up a scheme that could actually work. But then when I meet the attractive, witty, musically talented Brent, I can’t help but feel as if I know him from somewhere. And I also worry that there might be a snag in the otherwise perfect arrangement.

What if I’m falling for my fake fiancé for real?


As a war veteran with PTSD, I’ve been down and out on my luck. When the crochety old lady who has hired me to play pranks on her son then suggests I pretend to be engaged to him, I decide she’s certifiably crazy. But then, I hear the price tag she’s offering: on million dollars.

That could get me out of my current situation, and onto a better life. I’m only doing it for the money. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. Because I can’t let myself fall for the rich, arrogant pr*ck who has told me off for daring to play my music on the street, and whose Mommy has to arrange his love life for him.

Soon, though, I find out there’s a softer side to Will, and he’s so d*mn irresistible. Perhaps we can help each other overcome the traumas of our past.

But when he finds out who I really am, will he even want anything to do with me?

Play for Me is a fake relationship, enemies to lovers, rags to riches, opposites attract, male/male romance. It contains sad pasts, optimistic futures, strong healing arms and hearts and plenty of other mixing of man-on-man body parts, enough music to put your favorite local band to shame, plenty of steam, no cheating, no cliffhangers and a very happy ever after. It’s a standalone novella of 26,000 words in the Morning Madison series, which can be read in any order but are best enjoyed together, and with a big glass of water nearby due to so much heat in addition to all those feels!


(2018/10/29 #)