99¢ - Perfect Daddy (The Next Door Daddies Series Book 3)

99¢ - Perfect Daddy (The Next Door Daddies Series Book 3)

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Featured Deal

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There are only a few goals I have:
See the world.
Laugh and love hard.
Be happy.

I planned on doing all three.
In Italy.

It seemed like the perfect place.
Then I met Joseph.
The perfect man.

It was like a fairytale, only better because it was real.
He came out of nowhere, popping up to help me when I was in need.
I couldn’t help falling for him.
His handsome smile, kind eyes, and a mouth that promised the world.
But it wasn’t meant to last.
I had to leave him behind.

He pops up again, seven years later.
Same eyes, smile and banging body as before.
But now I am on a date, about to be married.
Joseph gets jealous, makes a scene.

He is different now, but we still want each other.
I can’t have him, it’s complicated.
I can’t keep myself away though, no matter how much I should.

Before long, I am falling again, though this time there is consequences.

We are both going to pay for our forbidden love.
Maybe with our lives.

Perfect Daddy is a steamy standalone next door romance and a part of the Next Door Daddies series. Each book in this series can be read as a standalone. As always, lots of love and romance. No cheating and guarantees a very satisfying happily ever after.


(2019/12/23 #)