99¢ - Only You

99¢ - Only You

Genre: 99 Cents!, Featured Deal, Holiday, Sport

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Forbidden fruit is often the sweetest,

And this time, I just couldn’t lay off it. 

Jacob Wynn, thick thighs, all muscle, hard, chiseled abs.

Also, the se$iest football players around and…my new client.

We know we shouldn’t do it.

We know that our relationship is strictly business,

But we just can’t resist.

I am supposed to be the doctor here, the healer.

But it is his hands that are checking my body,

His mouth that is caressing my curves and healing me,

And his eyes flirting with mine…

It’s like he is giving me a cure for all my fantasies.

And how am I supposed to say no to the best and multiple ‘O’s’ that he gives me!

Well, when you flirt with trouble, the trouble often flirts back in ways you can never have imagined…


(2019/06/19 #)