99¢ - One Night in Vegas

99¢ - One Night in Vegas

Genre: 99 Cents!, Bad Boy, Contemporary, Featured Deal

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The kiss was innocent.

Just a gesture to help out a pretty girl losing her mind. And yet, it set in motion a firestorm I can’t stop.

Not that I want to. With my life in shambles, this crazy woman who showed up at my casino might just be exactly what I need.

As a gambling man, I’m willing to put everything on the line for love.

Even my reputation as a bad boy. But she’s worth it.

Addictive. Adventurous. So hot it hurts.

And yet, to her, this affair is the start of a game, one I might get burned playing.

But I refuse to back down.

It might have started with one night in Vegas, but I’m going to make sure it lasts for a lifetime.

One Night in Vegas is a full novel with a HEA on steroids. Enjoy!


(2018/11/15 #)