99¢ - One Last Prowl

99¢ - One Last Prowl

Genre: 99 Cents!, Featured Deal, Paranormal


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Austin Duskstep is a shifter rarity. An uncommon were mountain lion, he has seen a lot of things during his years. Reeling from a loss, he's picked himself up and dusted himself off, and now he's ready to hunt again. This time, his sights are set on a curvy, luscious woman with a tragic past like his. This rugged cowboy of a man will not let fate get him down. Happiness does not have to be just a fleeting dream, but a reality. And Austin knows that with Dahlia in his arms, he can finally put a leash on love. And maybe he'll even let someone collar him for once.

Dahlia Roberts is a single mother with a mission. She wants to raise her son to be the kind of man her late shifter husband would have been proud of. But bringing up a rebellious teenaged mountain lion in urban New York is no easy feat, especially if he fights her every step of the way. Finally having the courage to try again, Dahlia answers an ad on a dating app that seems both ridiculous and mesmerizing at the same time. Little did she know that the man waiting on the other side could be all she'd ever needed, and more.

Can Austin convince Dahlia that there's a better path and that love could be theirs, or will their dark pasts rip them apart before they can ever really be together?


(2015/11/25 #)