99¢ - NIX (Daring the Kane Brothers)

99¢ - NIX (Daring the Kane Brothers)

Genre: 99 Cents!, Erotic Romance, Erotica

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Single dad. Computer geek. One-night stand. Not looking for love.
That’s how my profile reads

And I was getting away with the whole no girlfriend status
Until Payton Tucker showed up

Damn, that woman walks in a room and the world stops spinning
Gravity pulls me right to her
Not to mention, my kid likes her

But, as my profile reads, I am NOT looking for love
Especially with a woman who smells, feels and touches me just like my first love–– the same woman who walked out on me and our kid

So, Payton Tucker can take her makes the word stop spinning sexy blue eyes and go right back to where she came from

But, to be on the safe side–– considering she is a lot like my MIA ex, before I send Payton Tucker on her way, maybe I should discover exactly where she came from…

Stand alone series


(2019/11/27 #)