99¢ - Night Shift

99¢ - Night Shift

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, New Adult & College, Novella, Suspense

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Dirty little secret? I have two.

They’re my dad’s best friends - and my first crushes. That’s right - I have two first crushes.

Officers Jonathan Myers and Maxwell Drake. The co-stars of all my deepest, craziest fantasies.

Jonathan is the dark, quiet one. The one who makes my mouth water and my belly melt when he looks at me. Maxwell is the confident, demanding one. He makes me want to do things I’d never breathe a word of.

I left my small town to make it as an actress in L.A. When Jonathan and Maxwell left town years ago, I was crushed. But now I’m back - and so are they.

And they look better than ever.

Two hard bodies. Two sets of smoldering eyes. Two big…night sticks.

My two dirty little secrets, my two first crushes.

And when I finally admit that I’ve always wanted them, craved them, longed for them - they promise they’re going to be my firsts in exactly the way I’ve always dreamed of.

Hold on tight! This book does not contain violence, but does contain mild depictions of two hot cops showing the bad guys who’s in charge. And not-so-mild depictions of two hot cops showing their woman *exactly* who’s in charge (with no MM scenes - this is all about her). And crazy-hot depictions of all the other stuff you know you want.

This book is part of the “Night” series but each is a stand-alone and they can be read in any order.


xx, Lauren


(2019/06/28 #)