99¢ - Night Fever

99¢ - Night Fever

Genre: 99 Cents!, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Featured Deal, May December, Novella

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I wanted my first time to be with an older, experienced man on my birthday. I wanted a one-night-stand. Fate had other plans.

No names. Few words.
One look.
I was ready to give away my V-card, and the handsome older man at the end of the bar made my heart race.
Big, intoxicating, with blue eyes, a strong jaw, and expert hands.
Quick, hot, dirty passion.
He possessed me.
I never thought I'd see him again.
Then I found out who he was.

One look was all it took.
I didn't know her name.
I knew she was perfect.
Overprotected, sheltered.
Young. Innocent.
And like two ships in the night with no light to guide them, we crashed.
I took her. Claimed her. Made her mine.
Then she ran.
But she didn't get far.

Night Fever is a sweet, very steamy insta-love romance with an HEA and no cheating. Perfect for a hot night in <3


(2018/12/19 #)