99¢ - Nevada's Pride

99¢ - Nevada's Pride

Genre: 99 Cents!, Clean, Western


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In spite of losing her parents at a young age, Nevada had never missed a birthday celebration and her twenty-fifth was going to be life-changing. That is if she can convince her protective older brothers, Dakota and Jericho, to loosen the apron strings and let her claim her granny’s land. With it, she just might have a chance at her own life.

An ex-con, Tanner Jessup, needed a job—bad. Down to his last tank of gas, he has little option but to accept Nevada Sanders’ offer of work. Falsely accused of a crime he hadn’t committed once before by the daughter of a wealthy rancher he trusted, he planned to keep his distance from his new boss lady. But as he worked side by side with her through the long summer days, the attraction that sizzled between them was too hot to ignore.

With the vast differences between them, was it time to move on? Or could he come to terms with his past and find a future with the woman who had stolen the heart right out of his chest?

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(2016/05/20 #)