99¢ - My Friend's Dirty Uncle

99¢ - My Friend's Dirty Uncle

Genre: 99 Cents!, Second Chance

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Hunter’s my friend’s uncle. He’s older, hardened and dangerously off-limits.

Dani’s a small town girl visiting her wealthy cousins for the summer. Ritzy Coral Beach makes her feel uncomfortable with its gigantic mansions and fancy cars. But at a party, Dani meets a magnetic man who promises to teach her how to get filthy.

Hunter Maddox is rich, powerful, and bored as hell. Another dull summer in Coral Beach stretches out before him in an unending series of days. But when a certain curvy virgin shows up, suddenly life gets a lot more interesting. He’s gonna corrupt this sweet girl for what it’s worth … but what happens when his heart gets caught in the game?

Get ready to squirm in your seat as the curvy girl learns her lesson at the hands of the powerful alpha male. But don’t worry – we know you love the panty-wetting action 🙂 Just be sure to have a cool drink and fan on hand! As always, bonus books included. Love, Sarah and Katie


(2018/04/30 #)